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May 21, 2010


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I am so glad you made digestive biscuits for Cook the Books. I've always wondered what they are. And your cheeses look spectacular!


Wow! What a wonderful contribution!


Simona Carini

Hi Rachel and thanks. I wonder how they would taste if I substitute the wheat flour with some other type of flour which is gluten-free. We'll see how the cheeses taste when I cut them. It is always a surprise.

Thanks, Paz.


Wow, your biscuits look delicious. Love McVities Digestive biscuits but Morning Coffee and Marie bring me memories from Cyprus. I loved to dip them in the Greek coffee my mum was drinking.


You are always full of surprises! I never thought of making digestive biscuits before. I am also quite impressed by your cheese making. Where do you get your ingredients from?


Buona domenica!


I love digestives with cheese. And gingernuts with ham. Something about the slightly sweet with the savoury!


ben tornata, tutto bene alle cayman?....con la nostalgia della cucina qui si va di biscotti ;-)) ciauzzzzz!

bellini valli

A delicious rendition of biscuits. I alwasy remember oat and raisin biscuits my mom used to make.


I marvel at your dedication to use but the finest ingredients and make everything yourself, down to the strutto!
(I spied the secret ingredient!)

I remember i Pavesi, ma anche i Pavesini!
For some mysterious reason, my mother called the Pavesi "Fredi" biscotti.
IKEA sells biscotti that taste almost like Pavesi, but with a bit more caramelized sugar taste.

I was always suspicious of "digestive" cookies, mostly because I could not believe that something that tastes so good could also be good for you! ;-)


Great post and pick for CTB--I have always found "digestive biscuits" to be a funny and not too appealing name for something actually quite delicious. Your biscuits look wonderful and I am amazed at the cheeses. BTW--You should drop by girlichef and Natashya's Forging Fromage--they are making Goudas this month. Here's the link: http://forgingfromage.blogspot.com/)


Hope you're hanging in, Simona. My life has been hectic (and stressful), too, although I have managed some postings. Absolutely *love* that you made digestives from scratch - so professionally crafted. They are one of my all-time fave British biscuits. I've just recently discovered Slater. He's a hoot and the antithesis of the typical celebrity chef whom I've no patience for. "Eating for England" is so much fun.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

The photo of those nice homemade biscuits and cheese calls to me! I continue to be impressed that you make so many cheeses yourself.

Simona Carini

Ciao Ivy. Morning Coffee and Marie biscuits are very good for dunking.

Hi Jo. I have been getting cheese-making supplies from different vendors. I have a list of resources on a dedicated page on my blog, making cheese at home, where I list vendors that I have used or am aware of.

Ciao Baol, un abbraccio.

I agree, Alicia.

Ciao Astro. Il viaggio e' andato bene, grazie. Il cibo nel posto dove andiamo e' molto buono, ma la mia cucina certo mi manca. Bacioni.

Thanks, Bellini Valli.

Simona Carini

Ciao Merisi. I grew up eating Pavesini. I liked to dunk them into tea. I haven't been to IKEA in many years: if I go again, I will check the cookies they sell. Now that I have strutto in the fridge, I try it in different recipes. I have also used it to make my crostata. It takes a bit of time to make, but then it lasts for a long time, since I don't use a lot of it. Digestive is indeed an interesting name. Artusi has a recipe for biscotti della salute: it's on my list of things to try.

Thanks, Deb. Indeed, the name hints at a medicine or something. Thanks for the link. Last month, I wanted to participate, but my schedule would not allow it. I have actually made Gouda cheese twice: it's a great cheese.

Ciao Susan. The past several weeks have been a challenge and I find myself always late for something, including MLLA. I am glad you like Slater: a lot of his observations made me smile and even laugh out loud.

Thanks Lori Lynn. I have actually just decided to push my experiments a bit farther, so some kind of blue cheese is going to be my next challenge: stay tuned!


cookies look very tasty as well as healthy! Great recipe
please feel free to visit my blog site to talk about all things Italian!



Lovely little digestives. You've given me the inspiration to try making them myself. Sometimes the plain and simple are just perfect, with a cup of tea and a delicious cheese.


Your digestives look perfect! And what I wouldn't give for a hunk of that gorgeous cheese! Great picks :D

Simona Carini

Thanks, Prem, will do.

Exactly so, Claudia.

They are still both aging, Girlichef. I'll let you know how they come out when I decide they are ready to be cut.


hummmmmmm che buono!!!!!!!

Simona Carini

Ciao Antonella. Devo ammettere che tutto e' venuto buono. A questo punto abbiamo mangiato tutto il cheshire e un pezzo del cheddar e sono molto soddisfatta del risultato.

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