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March 26, 2010


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E' una gran bella idea che potrò sfrutare per sostituirle nella mia dieta alle polpette di carne :)
Buon WE!


This is an intriguing recipe. And I agree with you about Pedro being rather insipid. Tita could've hankered after someone much more worthy of her many talents and charms.


Mmm, true to the novel or not, your bean cakes sound (and look) delicious. Those really are beautiful beans. Seeing them is making me anxious for our farmers' market to start so that I can buy some local beans again.

It's been so long since I read that book that I don't remember the details of the story well, but I do remember enjoying it. I still have it, so I may reread it sometime soon.


These beans patties sound delicious. I've made bean patties before but I am definitely going to try them with the Greek giant black beans as well.


I like your inspiration! ;-) The bean cakes look delicious and those beans are just gorgeous--I love all that speckling on them. Thanks for joining in this round of CTB. Your Pedro comments were right on with the rest of the group's! ;-)

Simona Carini

Ciao Lenny. Credo che le polpette di fagioli siano un'ottima alternativa alle polpette di carne.

Ciao Rachel. I guess this time I did not buy the idea of "marrying your sister to be near you." Both Pedro and Tita's mother are people who take and Tita is the giver.

Ciao Lisa. Our farmers' market is starting this Saturday and I can't wait, even though I know that at the beginning it won't be as rich in offering as it was at the end of the season. But I love going there, seeing people, talking to the farmers: the whole ritual.

And I need to find the Greek giant black beans that I have seen on your blog, Ivy: they look beautiful.

Ciao Deb. It was the speckling that attracted me. I know, Pedro did not are well with our group. But I am glad I read the novel again: it made me think about the different reaction I had this time and the possible reasons behind it.


I don't think I've ever made bean cakes, but since I'm wanting to have more meatless meals, that's a great idea.


You make me want to read the book AND taste your bean cakes. ;-)



those bean cakes sound delicious, even though - or because? - they are twice removed, so to speak, just like some of our favorite relatives, whom we happen to love more than some of those closer to us. Sometimes, at least. *smile*

I remember reading that book and being upset about Pedro's ways. I saw the movie when it came out, and enjoyed it more, I loved the visual feast aspect, but I don't even remember anymore what destiny the two lovers suffered.

I empathize with your husband's dislike for fresh coriander, I happened to feel the same metallic sensation when I first came upon that herb as a teenager. Later, I literally fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Should you ever go to Washington DC, there's a tea house there, Teaism, the original one on R Street NW, near the Dupont Circle Metro Station. Besides the fantastic selection of teas (and they brew it right!), their food is extraordinary, my favorite being the Cilantro Scrambled Eggs with Tea Cured Salmon, a Naan bread - made fresh in their Tandoori oven - on the side. Their ginger scones taste heavenly too.
Here's their menu :http://www.teaism.com/Restaurant/DupontCircleMenu8.html,
here their website:
When I get homesick, I make myself the coriander scrambled eggs on weekends.

Thank you for always writing such excellent articles. I hope that one day you will be able to publish them in a book.
Book with a CD to listen to while preparing your meals.

Buona Pasqua, Simona,


Interesting recipe. I've never seen bean cakes before (I myself had made potato and bean cakes that were pretty tasty), but they look really good. I must try them! And Tita frustrates me. Maybe I am just not a romantic, but waiting that long for somebody so selfish is dumb, I think. hehe.

Great job!


Your mystery patties are much tidier - I look forward to finding out what they are! I'm sort of hoping for tuna. I love tuna polpettine! I loved the image of putting the beans on to cook first thing in the morning, but I found the book so frustrating!

Simona Carini

Ciao Claudia. Bean cakes are definitely a nice alternative to prepare beans.

They are both interesting, in different ways, Paz.

Ciao Merisi. When I took up the book for the second time, I did remember the ending, not so much from the first reading, but from the movie. I have wondered whether my different reaction to the story had to do with being older (not sure about wiser). Thank you so much for the pointer to Teaism. I may go to DC in November and if I do, I will certainly visit the place. I cannot forget my first visit to that area: it was a Sunday and there was the farmers' market. Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement :) Buona Pasqua anche a te.

Hi Ben and thanks for the kind words. Tita should have married the doctor, right?

Ciao Alicia. Indeed, they are much tidier. I feel bad about dashing your hopes: they are not tuna polpettine, though now that you mention them, they sound interesting: I should look into making them. The routine of Tita's kitchen is fascinating, so different from the routine of my kitchen or my mother's.


Those beans are gorgeous! Such a pretty color. And the patties you made sound as if they are bursting with flavor. I love that you served them with butternut squash.

I was irritated with characters in the book as well. Pedro is such an obnoxious guy!

Simona Carini

Ciao Joanne. I am glad you like the beans. I have a weakness for butternut squash: I could eat some every day and not get tired. It seems like Pedro managed to irritate most of us. I wonder what Ms. Esquivel's feelings for him were and are.

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