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January 22, 2009


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Jeremy Parzen

You don't need to thank me! :-) I just love reading your blog and recipes and cooking tips!

And I can't tell you how much I love this recipe! I am a huge fan of what was called "mirabilia gulae" in the Renaissance, literally (and I know that you know your Latin, but your readers might not), "wonders of the gullet." The Middle Ages were full of dishes that were meant to resemble all sorts of things – other types of food (for fast days) and buildings (like the original Torrone, for example) and animals. I wrote an article on "magic" using food in the Renaissance for Gastronomica some years back.

There was (and I believe still is) a Turkmeni deli next to Katz on Houston in Manhattan where they make a sweet flatbread in the shape of a lamb (and they put a sprig of parsley in its mouth!).

Fantastic post... and thanks for the shout out!

Sei veramente troppo generosa Simona! :-)


Ho scoperto l'esistenza di questo dolce tanto suggestivo, solo quest'anno legggendo il blog "Qualcosa di rosso" e mi ha incuriosito moltissimo.
Sono bellissime le ricette della tradizione.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

I like the crunchy outside and soft inside. You have a lot of patience Simona to make it three times to perfect the recipe!


Ciao Simona!


How wonderful to replicate this recipe. Sounds and looks really good. Thanks for sharing with us.



I love your delicious-sounding "snake," right down to the tongue coming out of its mouth! I would love those flavors and textures. The shape and decoration are simply charming. Nice work!

Simona Carini

Dear Jeremy, it was my pleasure. I'd love to read your Gastronomica article.

Hai ragione, Lenny, certe ricette tradizionali sono proprio bellissime.

Thanks, Lori Lynn. Sometimes I get fixated on a recipe.

Ciao Baol e grazie.

You are welcome, Paz.

Thanks, Lisa. The tongue is actually quite delicate and I managed to break it twice!


What a beautiful creation! So much love and effort put into it,and it also looks delicious.There`s allways something so magical about almonds and sugar..it reminds me of marzipan.As a vegan I am tempted to try and find a substitute for the egg whites.. :) Grazie,Mia


When I first saw the lead photo, before I knew better, I immediately thought of a snake; in fact, I thought it was a meat dish. It is very well crafted and decorated.

This is delightfully whimsical, Simona. I am very fond of sweet almond confections.

Simona Carini

Thanks Mia for your kind words. I love marzipan too. In my opinion, using less sugar makes the almond flavor stand out more. I'd like to know whether you try it with an egg-white substitute.

Thanks Susan. I just wish I had moved it to a different surface before taking the photo, but I was afraid of disturbing it.

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